"I have just been informed that the K60 project has not received budget and additional documents are still needed by treasury. 

The team will re-look at this project in Oct 2019 (adjustment budget). Cllr James"






Please note that the Draft Scoping Report for the K60 road EIA is available on the Rock Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd website. Please go to and click on the download tab.

We have also sent the draft report to the Sunninghill Community Ratepayers Association at the following address:

1st Floor
Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre
97 Edison Crescent (cnr Maxwell Drive)

Due to the fact that the report is available online, we will not be sending it to the St Peters College for public view.

Please note that the report review is for registered interested and affected parties.




You are hereby notified of the proposed construction of the K60 road through the centre of Paulshof from Rivonia Road in Sunninghill through to Main Road in Lonehill.

Rock Environmental Consultants have been appointed to do an Environmental Impact Assessment on the road reserve.

K60 Preliminary Plan from Rock Environmental Consulting
Download Preliminary Map

New EIA Regulations
Download National Environmental Act 1998

Environmental Rights
Download Your Environmental Rights

Ward 106: Ward News: Ward Councillor: Stephan Moore

K60 Provincial Road Development - Moving Forward


At current there is a public participation process occurring with regards to the development of the K60 Provincial Road, which is part of a larger Provincial and National Roads plan to increase the roads infrastructure of Gauteng.

Quick Facts
• This development is being driven by the Gauteng Provincial Government (Department of Transport, Roads and Works (Gautrans).

• Construction dates to be confirmed.

• Residents from the local community as well as interested parties from outside the immediate area have come out both for and against the project.

• Serious concerns have been raised, mentioning a few: the road running through a portion of the Rietfontein reserve and how the K60 will affect the FreeMe animal rehabilitation centre.

• We are looking very seriously at alternatives, but it does not appear at the moment that there are other suitable routes.

The portion of the road that affects Ward 106 is the development aiming to start at the intersection of Witkoppen and Main roads, going through Paulshof West and through the Northern edge of the Rietfontein Nature Reserve. It continues through Paulshof (between central Paulshof and Paulshof ext. 10) and connects with the completed portion of the K60 in Sunninghill.

I have also already had discussions with Neil Campbell, the DA Spokesperson on Roads and Transport for the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and I am trying to organise a meeting with our Shadow Minister for Transport Ian Ollis from Parliament to discuss this issue. As the issue stretches across multiple tiers of government, we want to ensure we cover all our bases in order to best represent residents at all levels.

Next Public Meeting
I will be sending out notification on the next Public Meeting on this matter as soon as I have a firm date and venue. I am currently waiting on the ROCK consulting team to give me those details.

Do you want to know more?
If you have concerns or queries, feel free to contact me directly. I am also happy to meet with anyone in person to discuss their concerns if we can find a time (please note that hundreds of people have raised concerns with this development and there is only one of me, hence my meeting with representatives of the various organisations!) Stephen is contactable on 0843324413 or e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.