February 2019:

A Re Sebetseng combined with beautification of Paulshof

 Kildrummy Park rehabilitation project scheduled for 16 th March at 09:30am.

 2 weeks prior weeds need to be poisoned.

Easter Egg Hunt

 The 2019 Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for the 14 th April 2019 in the Achter

Road open space. 


January 2019:

Thank you to Broll who completed the rubble removal on Witkoppen during December 2018.

·       Thank you to Rawsons for the trees that have recently been planted on Witkoppen Road.

·       BS to order more poles to complete the verge on Witkoppen Road

·       BS to get obtain a quote for “No dumping” signs.

·       The committee agreed that a “PRRA” bush cutter need to be purchased for cutting areas



September 2018:

Planting and maintenance in Paulshof continued

End of August it was noted that grading and removal of rubble on Witkoppen between Cambridge and Main road.  Still plenty left to be removed.

Continue requests for raids on K60.

A few fires around Paulshof and Sunninghill complex, Corner of Witkoppen and Main Road “Clay oven”, K60 and Leeuwkop prison.

For Arbour Day, Rawson Properties have sponsored 10 trees for the PRRA to plant along Witkoppen Road, this will be done once the rubble is removed.

PRRA were given 40 trees from City Parks to plant along the spruit; bought 30 bags of compost for trees; a Paulshof resident donated R100 for Spruit Day towards the cost of compost.

18 Holes were dug during the month for Spruit Day held on Saturday 15th September. Hollard donated 50 water bottles which BS filled with water, froze and then handed out to all volunteers. Rivonia Riding Club organised manure for the trees and on the day gave free pony rides to the little ones. National Security donated bottled water and helped collect litter and were present for any problems. 

The Spruit Day started at 09:00 and by 11:50 there were no volunteers present so we packed up.

Paulshof Central collected bags of litter in Central and together with their bags the PRRA could report that a total of 65 bags were collected on the Paulshof banks of the Braamfontein on Spruit Day. 18 trees were planted along the spruit on Spruit Day. 

Regarding the mounds of rubble between Umhlanga and Stone Haven road BS contacted Sbisiso of Boombadotmobi ( who quoted  R1000/load (would need to do at least 2 loads).  Although expensive they guarantee that the rubble is dumped at legal dumping sites and feel by supporting them we will also help grow their business.


August 2018:

Continued planting on corner Umhlanga Road and Witkoppen. BS’s request for more plants answered. MG has sourced a new supplier for indigenous plants.

BS received 40 trees from City Parks for Arbour Day. Nelson is doing very well and will assist with digging holes for arbour day, with danger tape until trees are planted.

Report back on the Mayors letter.

Garden service quotes received, within the range of 2K – BS. Sbu Shongwe contacted the PRRA, vet his company and see if he can assist with removing the rubble and insert poles to block further rubble dumping. Or ask Mr. Rubble to.

 One of the light poles along Witkoppen has fallen down.

 Reitfontein Nature Reserve in flames, 15 August 2018. Flames as high as top of trees. On same day, Edison Crescent Park, Sunninghill on fire, too. Started in the morning along the fences, no fire department present. According to sources the fire department knew nothing of the fire. In the afternoon, the fire had got out of hand and some more people called the fire department, who then said they already knew but were very delayed in attending the problem. The story is that it was a fire-break, but without fire department present.

Reitfontein Nature Reserve boundary wall on Witkoppen road requires repair. Security risk! This has been requested several times already. Can the PRRA do this without Parks Board?