Paulshof AGM
Monday, 17th February 2014 – 6pm
Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia Junction Shopping Centre
Notice is hereby given of the Paulshof Residents & Ratepayers Association Annual General Meeting, to be held:
DATE & TIME:                  Monday, 17th February 2014 at 6pm
VENUE:                              Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia Crossing 2, cnr Witkoppen & Achter Road, Paulshof

  1. Welcome
  2. Chairman’s & Committee Reports (including Financials)
  3. Committee Elections   
  4. Security
  5. Ward Councillors’ Reports
  6. General



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  1. Please ensure that your membership is active by registering your name and contact details and send to: info@paulshof.org (refer to membership form for details).
  2. If you are unable to attend the AGM, please complete and return the Proxy Form by Thursday, 13th February 2014, 16h00.
  3. In regard to the important area of election of members to the Committee, please  complete and return the Nomination Form by Thursday, 13th February 2014, 16h00.


We hope to see as many Paulshof residents as possible at  this very important annual general meeting.

The Paulshof Residents & Ratepayers Association (PRRA)


Household Travel Survey: Collection of information from residents on travel patterns for the development of the Integrated Transport Plan for the City of Johannesburg

The Transport Department of the City of Joburg is conducting a household travel survey to find out the travel patterns of residents. This information will be used to draft the Integrated Transport Plan (ITP). The ITP will set out what, how and where transport must be organized to meet our GDS goal of making walking, cycling and public transport the mode of choice in the City.

7 200 homes across the City will be visited by qualified field workers from the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE) who are conducting the survey. CASE fieldworkers will be easily identified by reflector jackets with CASE's name on it and all officials will have a name tag and letter from the City of Joburg confirming the survey.

The survey will ask questions about the travel patterns of all household members and include what modes they use, how long they take to travel, what are their problems with the transport system etc. You are requested to grant permission for CASE fieldworkers access to your households and gated communities.

Should you have any queries regarding the above you are requested to contact:

• CoJ: Thabo Jangu at (011)870 4546;
• CASE: Bongani Khumalo at 011 646 5922:

Click here to download CoJ CASE Travel survey ID sample image

Click here to download Fieldworker list for Sandton

Click here to download Reflector Jacket Front sample image

Click here to download Reflector Jacket Back sample image

Pensioners Rebate Passed by Full Council

The property owned by that pensioner must be valued at NOT MORE than R2 million;

• If over 60 years old and the gross monthly HOUSEHOLD income is lower than R6000, then it is a 100% rebate. You must reapply every 2 years;

• If over 60 years old and the gross monthly HOUSEHOLD income is between R6000-R11000, then it is a 50% rebate. You must reapply every 2 years;

• If over 70 years old, then you will get a 100% rebate. There is no longer any need to prove income in this category.

NOTE: You will HAVE to apply using the new form available in June for the above rebates if you are a new applicant. If you are already receiving a rebate and you are under 70 years old, then you will probably not have to reapply until your 2 year period has expired.

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Paulshof Residents & Ratepayers Association PRRA Security Projects

Garden Village of the North!

Our Vision

  • To promote and safeguard the interests of all householders and residents in the area.
  • To co-operate with similar non-political associations of residents in other suburbs and cities in Gauteng.
  • To determine, by free discussion and deliberation, the views of the majority of the residents of the area.
  • To co-operate, consult and collaborate with the area’s Representative on the Johannesburg Metro (or any other body which may in future be substituted for the Metro) and to ensure that the voice of public opinion is heard and given due consideration in the management of the town (or any other area combined with the town).
  • To promote and safeguard the integrity of the environment in the area.

Security for Paulshof as a whole is managed by area committees: Paulshof East, Paulshof West, Paulshof Central and Paulshof Ext. 10. Each area committee is represented on the Paulshof Security Project (PSP) committee. We have two security service providers securing residents in Paulshof, namely iMvula Quality Protection and ADT.

iMvula, our appointed preferred security provider for Paulshof, currently provides four armed response security vehicles in the area plus various foot patrols and manned security control to Paulshof Ext. 10 as well as the booms on Stonehaven and Brackenhill Roads. These services are paid for by residents who have contracts with iMvula.

The PSP committee meets regularly with security providers, the SA Police, and the JMPD to discuss crime trends, incidents and what can be done to make our neighbourhood safer. This information is utilised to continually address problem areas and put security measures in place to combat crime.

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